Kevin Yamada

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Creative Director/Owner

Southbay Music Producer and Engineer, Kevin Yamada, opened Studio 637 with Chuck Wilson in 2013. In the opening days, as the sole audio engineer, Kevin helped create albums, TV voiceover commercials, live streams and more while fine-tuning the studio. While collaborating with the video department as film sound, he began working closer with clients and their video’s concept creation. As the studio and team grew, his position slowly transitioned into management. With his experience and youth, he now leads the video and audio departments. Together, Kevin and the studio team have streamed over 100+ hours including concerts with over 8,000 in attendance, produced artists from rehearsals to masters, and launched video marketing campaigns for various businesses.

Notable Projects

Live Stream

Stevie Wonder, Charlie Puth (Project Manager, Global Green Pre-Oscar Party)
Margarita Wrestling Entertainment (Project Manger, Glendale)
Pato Banton, Young Dubliners (Project Manager, Hermosa Beach Summer Concert Series)

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